The African Law & Tech Network

The ALT Network is an online community at the intersection of technology and legal services in Africa. It is a hub for collaboration, creativity, information and opportunities for African legal services providers, tech entrepreneurs, regulators, policymakers and investors.


The ALT Network aims to build the African legal and tech ecosystem by facilitating the growth of enabling regulatory environments for the tech sector, supporting legal technological entrepreneurship and contributing to efficiency in the delivery of the legal services across the continent.

Who We Are

We are a team of legal sector insiders and connectors working around the world with law firms, regulators and governments. We are witnessing the positive disruption of the legal sector by technology in North America and Europe and believe that innovation and technology can transform the delivery of legal services in Africa to boost economies and improve people’s lives.

The ALT Network is proud to partner with the Global Legal Tech Report.

The report will provide an in-depth look at the companies and organisations using technology to address legal issues for businesses and consumers and also for providing tools and solutions for the legal services community.

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