Harvard Law School: ‘We want to show students how to be entrepreneurs’
April 24, 2022

A Digital Mindset Will Revolutionize Education: Legal Education as a Global Model

The future of work is changing. Undeniably our world is becoming more digital, yet not all of us have embraced the digital mindset. Although most of us have the ability to use technology, we do not yet all have the ability to see the possibilities that technology is bringing to our professions and how to optimize that change. Whether it is the democratization of opportunities, the deepening of our interconnectedness, the potential for collaboration, or simply scaling value, the digital mindset lets us maximize technology’s benefits. More than just digital skills themselves, we should reimagine how our professions are impacted by a digital mindset. As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, we all need to embrace this mindset. 

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