About Us

Established 2017

Our Mission

The ALT Network aims to build the African legal and tech ecosystem by facilitating the growth of enabling legislative and regulatory environments for tech innovation across all sectors, supporting legal technological entrepreneurship, and contributing to efficiency in the design and delivery of legal services across the continent.

Who We Are

We are a team of legal sector insiders and connectors working around the world with law firms, regulators, and governments. We are witnessing the positive disruption of the legal sector by technology around the world and believe that innovation and technology can transform the delivery of legal services in Africa to boost economies and improve people’s lives. Lawyers can also play a critical role in creating an enabling legislative and regulatory environment for tech innovation across sectors and industries and we aim to facilitate those connections.

Press & Awards

Expansión, July 2021

“In 2017, the African Law & Tech Network (ALT Network) was born, the first African legal innovation ‘hub’, based in Nigeria but with a vocation to assist all operators on the continent. ‘The solutions that facilitate access to justice are the most common among “start-ups” African legalities,’ says Nankunda Katangaza, co-founder of the network. Nigeria, Uganda, Benin, Kenya, South Africa, and the Republic of the Congo are the countries where some of the most legal-tech [start-ups] are located of the continent, whose technology allows, among other things, access to cloud software for lawyers to process documentation with governments.”

Enloya, February 2021.

Main Legaltech Associations in the World (And Their Mission)

Our Team

Christina Dutton

Christina is a co-founder of the ALT Network and our Network Coordinator leading on membership engagement, producing and curating content, and researching market trends and opportunities. She is excited about the disruption of traditional business models and the growth of new startups.

Christina also has expertise in regulation and innovation in the areas of military affairs, national security, law, and foreign policy.

Nankunda Katangaza

Nankunda is co-founder of the ALT Network and has led the strategic direction of the Network, building relationships with African law firms, institutions and the wider tech sector. Nankunda has a post-graduate certificate in legal technology and innovation and is passionate about the development of the African tech sector and building a supportive legal sector to facilitate that growth.

Nankunda is also a director of Hook Tangaza, a research and advisory company working globally with law firms, institutions and governments to build more competitive businesses, stronger institutions and better regulated markets in the legal services sector.

Alison Hook

Alison is the co-founder of the ALT Network.  Alison speaks regularly on innovation and tech disruption in the legal sector and works closely with legal sector regulators and institutions around the world on building enabling frameworks for innovation and disruption.

Alison is also a director of Hook Tangaza and leads on Hook Tangaza’s technical assistance, trade and regulatory work.

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