The rise and rise of summits and conferences focused on the African startup ecosystem (Via Digest Africa)
June 5, 2018
French Development Agency to split the $76M African Development Fund in three parts (Via TechCrunch Nigeria)
June 19, 2018

ALT Member Resources on Artificial Intelligence

Our curated collection of resources on Artificial Intelligence. We have collected learning resources on AI and how it is currently being deployed in the legal sector. Have something you want to add? Get in touch with us at

5 Ways AI is used in Law Firms

  • Legal research
  • Litigation strategy
  • E-discovery
  • Online legal services
  • Contract review

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Reports on AI and the Legal Sector

Legal AI: A beginner’s Guide by Richard Tromans

Download Here

AI Now: The growing adoption of legal AI by Richard Tromans

Download Here

Practical Use Cases for Blockchain in the Legal Industry

Hosted by Oklahoma University and the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, this webinar provides an overview of the potential for blockchain integration in legal services, as well as some practical use cases to help you better conceptualise the deployment of blockchain.

Watch Here

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