Rebecca Enonchong: a Heavyweight in African Tech
March 12, 2019
Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege While Using Legal Tech
April 23, 2019

ALT’s Resources for Startups

Legal Tech Startup Index

Robert Ambrogi, host of the blog – LawSites, has build a public access index for legal tech startups around the world. It is an incredible open source resources, and is a great opportunity for startups to gain visibility. If you are a new legal tech start-up looking to be listed on the index, contact Robert.

Legal Talk Network Podcast

Starting a startup is only the beginning. In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay talks to Alma Asay about how she started and sold her legal technology startup and her experience working with lawyers as clients. She also discusses working as a woman in the male-dominated industry of legal tech and shares what she believes will bring more women into the business.

Listen Here

Startup Mentoring by Enpact for African based Startups

Over the last few years, Startup Mentoring by Enpact has driven ambitious entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles, scale their business, connect internationally with partners and gain new insights to develop their strategy and strengthen their management skills.

Read More for West-African based Startups

Read More for East-African based Startups

How to Build Your Team for Your New Legal Tech Startup

Every successfully scaled business venture is ultimately defined by the merits of its team.  Solopreneurs quickly find out that, if they can’t simultaneously invent a method for cloning themselves, their revenue model is ultimately limited.

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