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September 28, 2018
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From M-Pesa to Legal Tech: Is Africa’s legal services sector ready to grow and innovate?

The rise of technology to automate day-to-day processes in law firms is no longer a new story in the UK and US and the clamour from clients to reduce fees has accelerated this. Africans have taken to mobile technology for financial services with alacrity but will they do the same in the legal sector and start to access the benefits technology can bring to firms and clients? What challenges are there for training young lawyers especially as many start their careers working on the tasks that are now so easily automated? Is the legislative and regulatory environment for lawyers fit to support these developments? And finally, how can African lawyers facilitate the growth of the tech sector on the continent by developing supportive and appropriate regulatory and legislative frameworks.

Join us for a lively discussion of these issues on 11th October at the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Rome

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