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UCL Open Seminars: Antitrust in the Blockchain Era

May 28, 2020

Antitrust in the Blockchain Era

Similar to the Internet Era, which generated new value chains based on digital marketplaces, the blockchain has the potential to be the next cutting-edge technology which will revolutionize markets.  Blockchain technology built on a consensus mechanism can make intermediaries [or third parties] unnecessary and reduce the market power of today’s centralized platforms.  Antitrust enforcers should oversee the transformation of digital markets by means of blockchain technology to prevent anticompetitive conduct that might block the path to innovation.  Using the Web as a model of reference, a public blockchain could run on universal and open protocols; with goods and services traded in a single universal blockchain.  Antitrust enforcers are fundamental in keeping blockchain markets open and free.  Rather than leading to the death of antitrust and regulation, blockchain will require more sophisticated versions of both.

From UCL – Centre for Blockchain Technologies

During this proving time, we recognise the difficulties and sense of isolation that many are experiencing. While many events and conferences have been cancelled worldwide, UCL CBT believes that now more than ever it is essential to stay focused and keep pushing the boundaries of knowledge with a sense of solidarity and altruism.

In this spirit, we launched a massive series of Online Open Seminars. These will be free access seminars promoted by the UCL CBT to give voice to our Research and Industry community. Find below the schedule here.




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