In 2019, and as part of their social initiative to empower start-ups in Africa, LawBasket partnered up with leading hubs in Zimbabwe to host monthly law clinics. Under these law clinics, LawBasket leveraged its wide network on lawyers and key hub partnerships to bring lawyers into hubs to discuss practical legal matters with startup founders.  The startups had the opportunity to discuss their most pressing matters one-on-one with qualified lawyers, and receive free and practical legal help on the spot.

Fast forward to 2020, it became clear that in-person law clinics would have to be on hold due to the global pandemic. Regardless, LawBasket realised the need to be there for startups and to keep supporting them, especially in a tough economic environment. To meet this goal, LawBasket created an online platform to deliver virtual law clinics, allowing startups to take an instructional exercise that is delivered by a LawBasket lawyer. Startups can also take an online evaluation to determine their degree of understanding of the material, as well as how it applies to their business. LawBasket also continues to keep interfacing with startups that take the online clinics to help with practical steps in applying it to their businesses.

The free online law clinics, available at, are critical in times where startups have limited disposable income under the economic downturn.  The law clinics will also continue even after the current downturn and will remain a key instrument to empowering startups with practical legal help.

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