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Introducing StartAp by LawBasket

Early-stage start-ups with a limited legal expenses budget need the comfort that they will get the legal help necessary to start and grow their businesses, yet traditional models of legal service delivery like law firms are expensive and beyond the reach of many start-ups. To solve this issue LawBasket launched StartAp Law. This is a legal service on-demand subscription service that allows start-ups with limited legal services budgets to get legal help from the Africa wide LawBasket network of lawyers by paying one 6-month subscription that gives them full access to lawyers on the platform.

The vision for LawBasket is to create an ecosystem that nurtures African startups that are legally compliant. In April 2020, and as part of their initiative to assist African start-ups during these stressful times, LawBasket announced it would be providing free legal maturity assessments for startups. These assessments examine all legal aspects of a startup and offer practical and low-cost steps to address those issues. LawBasket also offers free consultation sessions to discuss areas of concern for startup founders. In addition, LawBasket offers free weekly check-ups to follow through on the suggested steps.

‘Our job is to create happy founders, by taking care of the headaches that come with trying to be legally compliant’ – Simba Mubvuma (Lawyer in Residence at LawBasket)

Founders that have been part of StartAp Law have opened up, and said the following;

‘I am writing to recommend the services of The LawBasket as a legal services provider. As a growing entity, we have had the pleasure of utilizing their services and they have never disappointed. They are detailed and keen to assist. Throughout all our interactions with the team, we have left feeling reassured that the advice given has our company’s best interest supported by information that makes sense. Their understanding of the legal tools needed to equip a growing company as well as sympathy for the pains faced by such an entity makes them one of the preferred options of engaging the services of the legal profession. Furthermore, the fact that they are positioned to assist through their online platform makes their services extremely convenient especially in these turbulent times we are growing through as not only Zimbabwe but the world. I am confident in recommending their services and look forward to continuing our relationship as we grow Thumeza even further.’- Gugulethu Siso (CEO of Thumeza)

As part of its initiative to assist African Startups during these pressing times, LawBasket is offering a free 4-week trial. During this experience, LawBasket lawyers will intricately breakdown, assess and evaluate a  startup and create a report for startup founders outlining their legal pitfalls. Once this is achieved a roadmap will be created showcasing the steps the necessary steps needed to be taken to attain a low-risk profile. The startups will be inducted in the LawBasket CRM system for founders to track cases and tasks. Lastly but most importantly LawBasket Lawyers will schedule weekly calls to directly discuss issues with startup founders and provide free consultation on different matters.

To apply for StartAp Law Free Trial, kindly follow the link:

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