Tech Hive Advisory contributes to new UN Report on AI and Data Privacy
November 1, 2021
SiBAN Awarded “Best Blockchain Association in Africa”
November 1, 2021

Introducing the Legal Tech Kenya Open-Source Community Project

This month we are profiling Legal Tech Kenya’s new Open-Source Community Project. This project will work to build a blockchain-based land registry and property deeds software platform. Our focus on land and property is guided by the central role that land ownership plays in the social, political and economic life of most Africans, as well as the historical and spiritual significance of land in most African cultures. Natural resources, agriculture, real estate enterprise and other land-based activities are at the heart of livelihoods, food security and national economies for most Africans.

Learn more about Legal Tech Kenya and its project’s objectives.

If you are interested in joining the community, register here. The community is open to all. This project is set to commence on Monday, 15th November 2021. Registration to join the community will remain open through December 2021.

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