Membership FAQs

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Once a month, the ALT Network sends an opportunities and news update to its members. These updates include:

  • introduction of new members;
  • recent network-related news;
  • upcoming events; and
  • startup funding and training application deadlines.

Occasionally we also send out special edition updates, such as our #RemoteWorking series to help members during Covid-19.

The African Law and Tech Network is comprised of entrepreneurs and innovators from across the law and tech industries across Africa and abroad. The ALT Alliance is a directory of those individuals, businesses, law firms and organizations supported by the ALT Network as valued contributors to the African law and tech ecosystem. Within our directory, you can search for members via location, category and expertise. This directory is by no means a ranking system for members, but is instead meant to be a resource for those seeking trusted partners to collaborate with across law and technology.

If you have already created an account with the ALT Network, you may recover your account password through the “Forgot your password” link on the login page or through the link below. Please contact us if you require any assistance.

To edit your profile, click on “My Profile” under the “Become a Member” tab. Select the settings wheel in the right corner of your page, and select “Edit My Profile”.

Now you may edit any features of your profile, including your profile image.

To edit a profile image, select the camera button on the profile image. Next select “Upload Photo” to select a new image to upload. Save changes.

Our Business/Institution Memberships come with complimentary “Individual Memberships” for your employees to be featured in the ALT Member Directory. When signing up for your membership, you were asked to enter the names and email addresses of these individuals for us to contact. If you did not do so, please send us an email at and we will set that up for you.

The ALT Network is fortunate to have a range of partners across the law and tech industries who we work with to host events, such as webinars, summits, masterclasses, training courses, and much more. We advertise these events across our web and social platforms, as well as in our monthly news update.

We are proud to be able to offer our paid members access to these events at a 10% percent discount – sometimes more!

Find out more about our past events!

The ALT member event program gives some of our members the opportunity to organize and host events under the ALT banner. All these events are completely free to members to attend, we hope these events will allow members to engage with even more questions and discussions and engage with audiences interested in law and tech across the continent.

As we want to ensure that all events still meet our own and our member standards, we are currently only allowing corporate members to host events, so that we can work with them to structure and plan the event.

Learn more about our event in Uganda and other past events!

Each year the ALT Network hosts an annual conference, bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators from the law and tech industries across Africa and abroad.

Read more about our 2019 ALT Network Summit in Nigeria

At the ALT Network, we see ourselves as a community. Therefore, we encourage members to share their experience and insights into running a startup, utilizing legal tech, applying for funding, or any other experiences that you think may be of value to other ALT Members. This provides you will an opportunity to showcase your skills, progress, and services across the community, as well as having a published profile to share with potential partners, employers, investors, and others. We are here to help everyone grow – so share your insights!

As a member you can download and use the Membership Mark to demonstrate your professional membership of the ALT Network. Designed to prove your expertise to colleagues and clients, the new Membership Mark can be downloaded here and used on your website, LinkedIn profile, business cards, headed paper, CV and email signature signifying you’re membership of a network devoted to the interconnection between law and technology in Africa.

The Membership Mark is updated annually in January. You will need to download the latest version each year to display the correct date.

Learn more about Linking with Linkedin here.

If you or your organization is interested in contributing relevant content to the ALT Network platform, such as articles, reports or blog posts, we would be happy to publicize it on our website and across our social media platforms. However, we do place a cap of 10 unique pieces of content to be shared per annum as part of your membership.

Every member’s business is a little different, meaning that the benefits to members change with your own requirements. As the largest network in Africa looking at the intersection of Law and technology, we have a variety of different members, covering a range of expertise and jurisdictions. Therefore, the benefits of the network are only limited by your imagination in collaborating and communicating with other members.

The ALT network was founded by Nankunda Katangaza, Alison Hook, and Christina Dutton in 2017. They use their combined expertise in legal services, international policy, tech and regulation to begin the development of a network that could facilitate discussion around the impact of law on technology and vice versa, across Africa.

The network continues to be run and managed by the three co-founders, aided by their colleagues at the consulting firm Hook Tangaza, which Nankunda and Alison co-founded.

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