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December 17, 2020
Introducing GreenRidge Foundation
December 17, 2020

Nankunda Katangaza joins Cord Brügmann on his podcast, Rechtsgespraech, to report on Africa’s exciting and creative legal tech scene

From Rechtsgespraech Podcast:

In the first episode of the legal discussion podcast, I talk to Paul Nemitz, main advisor in the EU Commission and author of the much-discussed book “Human Principle. Power, Freedom and Democracy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence ( ). Us talk about AI and how it can be promoted and contained. 

I am also conducting legal talks with Nankunda Katangaza from London, who founded The African Law & Tech Network ( Nankunda Katangaza reports on the exciting and creative legal tech scene on the African continent.

The episode ends with a book tip (Hartung / Bues / Halib, Legal Tech. A Practitioner’s Guide). 

00:00:00 greeting

00:00:34 What is a legal discussion?

00:02:51 Paul Nemitz: Artificial intelligence and its regulation

00:16:00 On our own behalf: Feedback requested!

00:16:32 Nankunda Katangaza: Legal Tech in Africa

00:26:45 Reading tip: Hartung / Bues / Halib, Legal Tech.

00:29:37 Preview of episode 2: Crispin Passmore, Patricia Litten and others

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