The ALT Network is committed to providing a hub for the legal and technology sectors in Africa to meet and collaborate. This section provides useful resources, networking opportunities and tools for the ALT members and prospective providers of investment and other resources to build your network.

Education & Training Programs

There are several education programs and training opportunities across the continent to help you and your business enter the legal tech market and grow.

Concept Framework from the Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University

Concept Framework is a free, interactive online, 6-week part-time program that helps future entrepreneurs understand how to turn their innovative idea into a proof of concept. Applications close on January 24th.

Deadline: January 24, 2020

LegalWeek & EY Present: How to Overcome Barriers in Your Tech Implementation Journey

Purchasing technology for your legal department is only one step in a series necessary to confirm that the technology will enable efficiencies and provide insight that will justify the investment. Skipping the necessary intervening steps is sure to result in implementation delays, unhappy users, unexpected service fees, and under-utilised or abandoned technology.

Gain practical guidance to help foster a successful legal technology implementation — which will ultimately lead to a more efficient, engaged and data-driven organisation.

Join this webcast for guidance and examples related to different stages of the implementation journey including:

  • Requirements identification
  • Legal process automation
  • Designing data strategies
  • Change management
  • Plus, common barriers in the tech implementation journey and tips using real life examples on how to overcome them.

Digital Lab Africa

The Digital Lab Africa call for projects targets artists, producers, designers, start-ups, students in the media and creative industries. The call is open to anyone from Sub-Saharan Africa having an innovative project in 5 categories: digital art, immersive realities, video game, animation and music. DLA is looking for projects at initial stage of development, innovative in terms of narration, content or technologies.

Deadline to apply is 1st of March 2020

Antler Startup Generator Program

Global startup generator and early stage venture capital firm, Antler, has raised $50 million for its various global funds which includes Nairobi. Its new investors include Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. For its African operation Antler plans to use the new funds to build “more high caliber tech startups.” It’s also looking to recruit for its second cohort of African entrepreneurs to join the program in Nairobi starting Mar. 2.

Deadline: March 2, 2020

Blockchain & Law | Masterclass with Tanya Knowles & Jackie Nagtegaal

Come delve into the impact of blockchain on law. We’ll be cutting through the hype, break down what blockchain really is about and how it will upend and impact the legal profession.

From opportunities to challenges, we will explore what the future of law look like.

Design Thinking in Enhancing Customer Experience for Legal Practice

We’ve all heard about tech and faster service, massive shifts in traditional offering, but how do we go about it in practice?

By using design thinking tools we learn how to re-think current systems and design creative solutions that answer all these areas, with the customer in the centre.

Design thinking skills are critical in a new age where creativity and simplicity looms. It’s a new skills lawyers should embrace, along with CX (customer experience), as the demands of the market change.

This masterclass, presented by two leaders in their field, dives into customer experience for lawyers using design thinking, providing a fresh perspective.

Welcome to the African Master’s in Machine Intelligence (AMMI)

AMMI is a novel fully funded one-year intensive graduate program that provides brilliant young Africans with state-of-the-art training in machine learning and its applications. The AMMI program will prepare well rounded machine intelligence researchers who respond to both present and future needs of Africa and the world.

MEST Entrepreneurs-in-Training Program

MEST offers graduate-level entrepreneurial training in business, communications and software development, including extensive hands-on project work, culminating in a Final Pitch and the chance to receive seed funding.

BrightTALK Webinar

Blockchain and the Law: What Lawyers (and Their Clients) Need to Know

Attendees will learn:

  • The basics of blockchain technology
  • Common blockchain use cases
  • Considerations when advising clients on blockchain
  • Emerging legal and regulatory issues related to blockchain technology

Networking & Events

Explore various networking guides, tools, events and platforms to help your startup grow or help connect you with the growing legal technology market in Africa and abroad.

Africa Tech Summit Kigali

February 4th-6th, 2020
Kigali Convention Center, Rwanda

ALT Network is delighted to be partnering again with The Africa Tech Summit 2020. ATS will once again provide unrivalled insight, networking and business opportunities for African and international tech leaders and investors who want to do business in Africa. If you are an ALT member interested in sponsoring a session at ATS Kigali or speaking on a panel, let us know at mail@alt-network.com.

ALT Members have the chance to save on registration with the code “ALT_20”

ILFA Elevate

February 11-12th, 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

Register today for a one and half day ILFA leadership summit aimed at uniting and elevating the African in-house legal community through discussion, cooperation and network building.

Attendance objectives for in house lawyers:

  • Network with a premium audience of peers, where senior in house counsel meet and discuss hot topics in an exclusive and dedicated forum
  • Exchange ideas on workplace practices within established and respected in house teams
  • Gain knowledge and insight from leading international in-house counsel as they discuss their greatest challenges and best practice approaches
  • Discuss and debate what the future holds for Africa based in-house counsel
  • Uncover first-hand experiences on new approaches, differentiators and concepts from legal thought-leaders
  • Acquire proven, actionable insights for your team in a rapidly changing world

ALT Members have the chance to save on registration with the code “ALT_20”

Africa Law Tech Festival

March 6-11, 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

Hosted by the Lawyers Hub in Kenya with the support of Omidyar Network, the Africa Law Tech Festival 2020 is the first of its kind on the Continent, aimed at bringing together various leaders from across Africa in Law and Technology sectors.

The Festival will create a space where conversations around policy issues in emerging technologies, the role of tech in promoting access to justice, rule of law and law reform will be achieved. Africa’s place in the global tech landscape is rapidly changing.

Blockchain Africa Conference 2020

Blockchain Technology: Beyond the Hype

March 11-12th, 2020
Johannesburg, South Africa

Join us at Africa’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency conference, the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 where we will cut through the hype and showcase the potential of these disruptive and innovative technologies. The conference will explore how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies provide opportunities and benefits for individuals, governments, start-ups, companies and institutions by removing and improving inefficient systems and processes within and across organisations.


Find links to online guides, articles, webinars, podcasts and publications to gain further insight into the legal technology market and African technology sector.

2020 Will be a Big Year in the China-Africa Tech Sector

Podcast from The China-Africa Project

China’s role in the African tech market is rapidly evolving away from just being a source of low-cost electronics to becoming the indispensable player in the continent’s rapidly developing market for digital services, networking equipment and venture capital financing.

But the good also comes with the bad. Although Chinese companies like Transsion, Boomplay, Huawei and many others are launching one exciting product after another, these same firms are also taking advantage of Africa’s weak digital governance. Sensitive issues over data rights, online surveillance and digital privacy are largely ignored in most African countries.

This week, Eric & Cobus speak with Stephany Zoo, founder of the Nairobi-based China-Africa Tech Initiative and head of marketing and communications at AZA Finance, a currency trading firm located in Kenya, about what to expect in the China-Africa tech sector in 2020.

New Webinar from Above the Law

The Phone Is The Most Important Piece of Legal Tech

Lawyers today are inundated by an endless stream of hype aimed at getting them to embrace the latest technological flavor-of-the-month: AI! Predictive Analytics! 5G! Blockchain! And on and on… Overlooked amidst the buzz is the indisputable fact that, for a legal practice, there is no more important piece of technology than…the telephone. You may license the most cutting-edge practice management platform, but if your phone system is outdated, overpriced, and immobile than your client service will suffer and along with it, your bottom line.

Join us on Thursday, 12/5 at 4pm EST and learn how to optimize your practice’s phone system. Learn from the experts from our friends at Ooma all about the benefits of a truly efficient, economical phone system fully integrated into your attorney workflow.

December 5, 2019 – 4pm EST

New Webinar from Above the Law

Exploring Artificial Intelligence and the Law

The ever-hastening progress of legal technology continues to push law firms to a future where lawyers can do more than ever before, in a manner so efficient that the value being offered to clients is beyond compare. Although practice management, document management, and even legal research platforms have incorporated artificial intelligence and machine learning into their offerings, not all law firms have gotten on board with the new capabilities that this technology has made available to them.

Learn about the following topics:
– The evolution of legal research
– A brief overview of legal tech solution areas
– Demystifying AI
– Machine learning in detail: supervised versus unsupervised
– The benefits of embracing legal tech

Evolve the Law Podcast

The Importance of Cloud Security for Lawyers

Kristi and Ian reflect on the vital importance of cloud security for lawyers practicing in the modern age, winning and keeping customer business through dedicated support teams, and how technology optimizes legal practice management so attorneys can focus on what they do best.

Legal Innovation & Tech Fest 2019 Report

Check out this report to discover what professionals from 75+ law firms, in-house legal teams and alternate legal service providers say their challenges are of achieving success in legal innovation using technology as an enabler, both within their organisations & the wider community.

Choosing Technology For Your Small Law Firm: A How-To Guide

Learning about technology often seems like an insurmountable task, but help is here for you. Evolve the Law has compiled a short guide to kickstart your thinking.

Practical Use Cases for Blockchain in the Legal Industry

Hosted by Oklahoma University and the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, this webinar provides an overview of the potential for blockchain integration in legal services, as well as some practical use cases to help you better conceptualise the deployment of blockchain.

How Legal Technology Will Change the Business of Law

This report published by the Boston Consulting Group in partnership with the German Bucerius Law School provides an excellent detailed look at the potential for technology to truly disrupt the business of law and the delivery of legal services.

If you are new to the world of legal tech, this is a great primer on all various sectors in this growing industry.

In-House Lawyers & Legal Tech

The recent explosion of the legal technology market and proliferation of tools marketed with buzz-words such as artificial intelligence has resulted in a need for greater clarity on which solutions are being used successfully by legal departments to deliver the promised returns.

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