Innovating Legal Education 2022

An ALT Network Research & Event Series

About the Initiative

Technological innovation is becoming increasingly important with the fast growth of the tech sector and digital trade across the continent. These influences have long been felt in the legal sector as clients change and so too do their needs. It is inevitable that adaptation to the needs of the legal services market will have to be made by legal education providers to produce the lawyers of the future.
Over time, changes in legal education and practice have traditionally been driven by changes in the students. Schools and the sector as a whole will need to adapt as technology is more deeply embedded into the other courses offered at universities and the wider society as future law students will ask more of their institutions and the profession.

The Innovating Legal Education series will include:

  • Hosted conversations with leaders in legal education;
  • Moderated panels discussions with members of the ALT Network sharing their experiences, needs as employers, and insights on how education must follow the evolution of the sector;
  • Focused research products; and
  • Live events bring members, non-members, and industry leaders together to discuss innovating legal education.

ALT Network Members

  • Strathmore University’s Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Other Law Universities in Africa

  • University of Cape Town – Faculty of Law
  • University of Pretoria (UP) – Faculty of Law (UP Law)
  • Stellenbosch University – Faculty of Law
  • University of Witwatersrand – School of Law
  • Cairo University – Faculty of Law

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