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The Role of Technology in Judicial and Court Responses to COVID-19 in Africa

In early 2020, a novel coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China systematically swept across the planet. The highly globalized and interconnected nature of the modern world drove the COVID-19 virus to proliferate at a rapid rate ultimately affecting every nation on the planet. Local, regional, and international economies have been devastated and the impact on access to justice has been significant. This report maps and analyses the response and efforts made by judiciaries and court services across the African continent to maintain access to justice and judicial proceedings. This report covers policies and actions taken since the first cases on the continent in February, through to November 2020, the end date of this study. We are grateful to the research team at Legal Innovation Hub, Uganda for providing research support to this project.

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Judicial Responses to COVID-19 in Africa:

Mapping and analysing accessibility to justice and the use of technology in court systems during the 2020 global pandemic

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