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The ALT Network is committed to providing a hub for the legal and technology sectors in Africa to meet and collaborate. This section provides useful resources and tools for the ALT members and prospective providers of investment and other resources to build your network. Find links to online guides, articles, webinars, podcasts and publications to gain further insight into the legal technology market and African technology sector.


The ALT Network works to provide resources for our members to aid in their education, growth, and development. We regularly update our library of webinars, podcasts, reports, and courses. Additionally, we have added a new #RemoteWorking Resource tab to provide our members with added support during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Networking Events & Training Opportunities

Explore various networking events to help your startup grow or help connect you with the growing legal technology market in Africa and abroad. There are also educational programs and training opportunities across the continent to help you and your business enter the legal tech market and grow.

Learn more about our past network events here.

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