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#Talk4Legal Episode 2: Title

Webinar from the ALT Network

Nankunda Katangaza, co-founder of the ALT Network, joined App4Legal and Law Pavillion in hosting a webinar focused on Tech Strategies for the Post-COVID 19 African Law Firm. Learn more about the event and watch the video through the link below.

Building Africa’s Frontline Readiness: Legal considerations for the health tech sector

Webinar from the ALT Network

The imminent rolling out of test, track, trace mobile phone applications as a means of managing the COVID-19 pandemic could provide a long-lasting tool to manage future outbreaks. However, they and other healthtech innovations come with particular challenges on a continent with low smartphone usage, expensive data, poor power supply and lack of enabling regulatory environments.

What are the existing frameworks for healthtech and medtech registration and innovation on the continent and where is good practice already in evidence?

How can the medtech and healthtech sectors engage with policymakers?

Fostering Growth and Inclusion in the African Healthtech Sectors of the Future

Webinar from the ALT Network

Existing healthtech services on the continent largely target the small proportion of the population that can already afford healthcare. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in innovation in the African healthtech sector as the outbreak has laid bare the state of healthcare systems, the welfare of professionals, and the vulnerability of an overstretched system.

Supporting the growth of an inclusive healthtech sector and start-ups that address wider public health issues is critical for the future. Academic institutions are important actors in facilitating effective and innovative responses as are the legal sector and other professional services support to start-ups and SMEs in the sector. Is it likely that the healthtech sector will witness more investment from both public and private actors despite the overall reduction in tech investment projected for the foreseeable future?

Modernizing Your Law Firm’s Business Development

Webinar from Above the Law

Law firm marketing is at an inflection point. Today’s legal clients scrutinize their spending and are well informed about prices, value, and competitive alternatives. This necessitates insight-driven marketing and business development strategies.

Modern chief marketing officers (CMOs) are the change agents who can advance marketing from a supportive function to a strategic partnership. With a birds-eye view across the entire client lifecycle, CMOs are best positioned to champion data-driven decision making and the requisite infrastructure and process changes.

As client become more demanding and less loyal, investing in ways to identify opportunities, predict client habits, develop market insights and facilitate client outreach is paramount. In fact, with an average return of $47 million on $1 million of marketing and business development spending for an Am Law 200 firm, the investment pays off.

COVID-19: Reimagining Remote Work and the Future of Legal Culture

New Webinar from Above the Law

COVID-19 is already changing how the legal industry works, and some of those changes will last well beyond the crisis.  Join us for a webinar with industry experts Debbie Epstein Henry, Mark Cohen and David Pierce, to discuss the pandemic’s impact on how we work, and how leaders can draw on this moment to reimagine legal culture for the future.

David Pierce, EVP of Global Commercial, Axiom

Debbie Epstein Henry, Founder, DEH Consulting, Speaking, Writing; Executive Consultant, Axiom
Mark Cohen, CEO & Founder, Legal Mosaic; Forbes Columnist

BrightTALK Webinar

Blockchain and the Law: What Lawyers (and Their Clients) Need to Know

Attendees will learn:

  • The basics of blockchain technology
  • Common blockchain use cases
  • Considerations when advising clients on blockchain
  • Emerging legal and regulatory issues related to blockchain technology

LegalWeek & EY Present: How to Overcome Barriers in Your Tech Implementation Journey

Purchasing technology for your legal department is only one step in a series necessary to confirm that the technology will enable efficiencies and provide insight that will justify the investment. Skipping the necessary intervening steps is sure to result in implementation delays, unhappy users, unexpected service fees, and under-utilised or abandoned technology.

Gain practical guidance to help foster a successful legal technology implementation — which will ultimately lead to a more efficient, engaged and data-driven organisation.

Join this webcast for guidance and examples related to different stages of the implementation journey including:

  • Requirements identification
  • Legal process automation
  • Designing data strategies
  • Change management
  • Plus, common barriers in the tech implementation journey and tips using real life examples on how to overcome them.

The Phone Is The Most Important Piece of Legal Tech

New Webinar from Above the Law

Lawyers today are inundated by an endless stream of hype aimed at getting them to embrace the latest technological flavor-of-the-month: AI! Predictive Analytics! 5G! Blockchain! And on and on… Overlooked amidst the buzz is the indisputable fact that, for a legal practice, there is no more important piece of technology than…the telephone. You may license the most cutting-edge practice management platform, but if your phone system is outdated, overpriced, and immobile than your client service will suffer and along with it, your bottom line.

Join us on Thursday, 12/5 at 4pm EST and learn how to optimize your practice’s phone system. Learn from the experts from our friends at Ooma all about the benefits of a truly efficient, economical phone system fully integrated into your attorney workflow.

Exploring Artificial Intelligence and the Law

New Webinar from Above the Law

The ever-hastening progress of legal technology continues to push law firms to a future where lawyers can do more than ever before, in a manner so efficient that the value being offered to clients is beyond compare. Although practice management, document management, and even legal research platforms have incorporated artificial intelligence and machine learning into their offerings, not all law firms have gotten on board with the new capabilities that this technology has made available to them.

Learn about the following topics:
– The evolution of legal research
– A brief overview of legal tech solution areas
– Demystifying AI
– Machine learning in detail: supervised versus unsupervised
– The benefits of embracing legal tech

Practical Use Cases for Blockchain in the Legal Industry

Hosted by Oklahoma University and the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, this webinar provides an overview of the potential for blockchain integration in legal services, as well as some practical use cases to help you better conceptualise the deployment of blockchain.

The ALT Network is committed to helping our members during these unprecedented times. We know many of our members are now #RemoteWorking so we are working hard to find you the best resources and opportunities to help during this time.


In September, Afriwise launched the first-ever online legal newsletter hub in Africa. The hub collates newsletters and articles from law firms from across the continent which have been carefully selected and curated by a team of legal editors.

The legal newsletters are organised by country and topic, covering up to 25 pertinent topics per country, such as COVID-19, consumer protection, data protection, financial services, and energy. All information listed comes from top firms and covers legal developments critical for organisations to be aware of. Users can opt-in to receive an automatic alert each time a newsletter is added.

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Business Support

ALT Member, Rashida Abdulai, CEO and Founder of Strand Sahara, has outlined 5 of the most expensive legal mistakes she has seen start-ups make in their first year and our tips on what can be done to avoid them. Read More

LawBasket has launched a Free Online Law Clinic to support startups in Africa. Learn More 

The Harvard Business Review has published a new Primer on Restructuring Your Company’s Finances. Read Today

Wimbart has produced a short guide for African tech companies on Managing Communications during Covid-19. Read Today

UCL’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies is offering open seminar classes during Covid-19. Topics include: the dynamics of fintech terminology, new sources of risk, and many more! Register today.

In the Harvard Business Review, executive coach, Alisa Cohn, shares tips for leaders to handle the situation when their employee tests positive.  They have also released a Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers. HBR has made access to all of its Coronavirus coverage free.

Libryo is now offering COVID-19 Regulatory Streams: Know what your legal requirements are in relation to COVID-19 regulation to ensure you are on top of your compliance and legal obligations. Sign Up Today

SSE Angel Network convened some of Africa’s most active Angel Investors in a virtual conference to discuss the Post COVID-19 African Angel Investment Landscape. Watch Now

Thomson Reuters is offering an on-demand webinar for those interested in understanding the impact of Covid-19 on the Global Supply Chain. Watch Today

For Lawyers & Law Firms

There’s No Better Time To Future-Proof Your Firm Than Now – Above the Law’s tips on helping your firm. Read More

Modernize Your Law Firm’s Business Development – Review Above the Law’swebinar Watch Now

Alice Namuli Blazevic from KATS Advocates (Uganda) is offering up her top tips on innovative tech tools lawyers can use to enhance the way they deliver legal services during the Covid-19 lockdown. Read Here

Free Guide for Law Firms Working Remotely. This brief guide from US-based legal tech company Smokeball will walk you through how to set up a remote office, what technology to use to interact with colleagues and clients, and what to think about as clients approach this new normal. Download Here

Nubianette Consulting is hosting a Legal Innovation Masterclass Weekly Webinar Series. You can catch up on past masterclasses online. Watch Today

Personal Support

The World Economic Forum outlines the top 10 job skills of tomorrow – and how long it takes to learn them. Read the article here

CliqTech, a South African tech startup has launched a unique product called SmartCover, an innovative service, that aims to cover all expenses and fees associated with the winding up of the estate of a person after he or she has passed away.  More Information

Zikoko continues to update its new website – Coronavirus: An African Update – bringing you the latest facts, figures and resources for those facing the COVID-19 outbreak across Africa. More Information

Legal Forms (Kenya) is now offering “Dear Landlord,” a service to support those at risk of missing a rent payment. Dear Landlord will help you draft a letter to your landlord that can help you avoid eviction. More Information

A History of Mobile Money in Ghana

Podcast from Decode FinTech

In this episode, we go deep into the origins of mobile money in Ghana, its early challenges, and how numerous organizations successfully came together to take this technology mainstream.

The US-Kenya FTA: Data Protection aspects of the Agreement from a Kenyan perspective

Podcast from Centre for Intellectual
Property and Information Technology Law at Strathmore Law School

In this episode, Dr. Melissa Omino and Mugambi Laibuta discuss data protection aspects of the proposed US Kenya FTA from a Kenyan perspective.

The Looming Crisis (And Opportunity) For In-House Counsel

Podcast from Evolve the Law

While the pandemic has delivered immediate economic harm across industries, the next big hit for businesses may not be readily apparent. Legal departments, by and large, lack the deep understanding of their own contracts needed to maximize revenue and minimize costs and disruptions. Joe and Kathryn chat with Mark Harris, CEO of Knowable, about his recent open letter to in-house counsel laying out this threat and the importance of contract analytics tools to getting ahead of it.

Artificial Lawyer Talks to LegalTechLive

Podcast from LegalTechLive

Artificial Lawyer’s Founder, Richard Tromans, talks to Nick Rishwain, Founder of LegalTechLive, the US-based live video show highlighting and promoting innovation in law and technology. In the show, which was recorded Saturday, April 4, the team discuss how Tromans got into all of this, how the Artificial Lawyer events started, and in particular Legal Innovators California – which will now be on Nov 19. They also explore what is happening in the market and how the lockdown is impacting legal tech companies and law firms, among a range of other subjects that matter right now to the sector.

Why Africa Is Poised to Be the Next Hub for Crypto Development

Podcast from Unchained

Soona Amhaz, general partner at Volt Capital, and Yele Bademosi, founder of Microtraction, explain why they believe Africa is poised to become a hub for crypto development. They give some interesting stats on how crypto is currently used and traded on the continent, plus talk about how these factors interplay with the region’s unique demographics and the status of some of the continent’s fiat currencies to create what could be a unique environment for increased crypto activity. They end with what they think crypto entrepreneurs should be working on to help further that development.

2020 Will be a Big Year in the China-Africa Tech Sector

Podcast from The China-Africa Project

China’s role in the African tech market is rapidly evolving away from just being a source of low-cost electronics to becoming the indispensable player in the continent’s rapidly developing market for digital services, networking equipment and venture capital financing.

But the good also comes with the bad. Although Chinese companies like Transsion, Boomplay, Huawei and many others are launching one exciting product after another, these same firms are also taking advantage of Africa’s weak digital governance. Sensitive issues over data rights, online surveillance and digital privacy are largely ignored in most African countries.

This week, Eric & Cobus speak with Stephany Zoo, founder of the Nairobi-based China-Africa Tech Initiative and head of marketing and communications at AZA Finance, a currency trading firm located in Kenya, about what to expect in the China-Africa tech sector in 2020.

An Interview with Omer Hayun, Co-Founder and CEO of Bestpractix

A Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast

In this episode your podcast host, Charlie Uniman, interviews Omer Hayun,  co-founder and CEO of Bestpractix (, legal tech software that provides a customized and streamlined approach to contract drafting, review and negotiation.

Charlie covers Omer’s career path, with Omer explaining how he moved from obtaining his degree from law school, and practicing law in Israel, to working on the business side in Israel (including performing in-house counsel duties) and, inspired by a desire to minimize the repetitive “grind” that business lawyers so often face, to founding Bestpractix., Next Omer explains what Bestpractix’s software does to help law firms and in-house legal departments efficiently manage their organizational contract knowledge by providing access to only the most relevant contract precedents when assisting lawyers in the preparation and negotiation of contract language.

Evolve the Law Podcast: The Importance of Cloud Security for Lawyers

Kristi and Ian reflect on the vital importance of cloud security for lawyers practicing in the modern age, winning and keeping customer business through dedicated support teams, and how technology optimizes legal practice management so attorneys can focus on what they do best.

Covid-19: Legal Ramifications of the Global Pandemic – a Nigerian Perspective

We are very pleased to have our Article published in The Commonwealth Lawyer (Quarterly Journal of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association) The article written during the early stages of the #COVID19 pandemic analysed the effect of the pandemic on contracts, employment, the economy and the vital role of information technology in the nation’s recovery from the far-reaching effects of the pandemic.


The Global Legal Tech Report: Africa Edition

The ALT Network was proud to partner with the Global Legal Tech Report to produce the first-ever Africa Edition. This report lays down the unprecedented data and analysis uncovered during extensive research conducted within Africa. You will get valuable insights into Asia’s legal tech industry, the team make-up, the underlying technologies legal tech companies are using, as well as their revenue, costs and funding outlook.

Get answers to questions such as:

  • What type of legal tech companies are there in Africa and who are they serving?
  • What type of people have founded African legal tech companies and what type of roles do they recruit for?
  • What programming languages and cloud services are African legal tech companies using?
  • What revenue models are African legal tech companies using and why?
  • Have African legal tech companies used investors to grow their business and if so, how did they raise funds?
  • What are African legal tech companies’ largest costs and where are they looking to invest?

This is the ultimate report into Africa’s legal tech industry.

The State of Crypto: Africa

Arcane Research, in partnership with Luno, has released a new report studying the cryptocurrency market in Africa. “Africa is one of, if not the most promising region for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This is due to its unique combination of economic and demographic trends. While the overall adoption is relatively low, the potential is enormous, the growth is rapid, and the development is likely to become defining for the cryptocurrency industry going forward.”

TechHiveAdvisory Data Protection Regulatory Comparison

TechHiveAdvisory has released a comparison resources studying the convergence and divergence of the GDPR, Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019, and Nigeria Data Protection Bill 2019.

Tech Cabal’s Nigerian Women in Tech Report

Check out this report to examine the distribution and level of involvement of women in Nigeria’s technology and STEM fields. It celebrates successes, looks at the gaps that exist in women participation, shows challenges and highlights recommendations for improvement. This report was produced in partnership with the UK Nigeria Tech Hub.

Legal Innovation & Tech Fest 2019 Report

Check out this report to discover what professionals from 75+ law firms, in-house legal teams and alternate legal service providers say their challenges are of achieving success in legal innovation using technology as an enabler, both within their organisations & the wider community.

Choosing Technology For Your Small Law Firm: A How-To Guide

Learning about technology often seems like an insurmountable task, but help is here for you. Evolve the Law has compiled a short guide to kickstart your thinking.

How UK legal departments are using and benefiting from legal tech

The recent explosion of the legal technology market and proliferation of tools marketed with buzz-words such as artificial intelligence has resulted in a need for greater clarity on which solutions are being used successfully by legal departments to deliver the promised returns.

How Legal Technology Will Change the Business of Law

This report published by the Boston Consulting Group in partnership with the German Bucerius Law School provides an excellent detailed look at the potential for technology to truly disrupt the business of law and the delivery of legal services.

If you are new to the world of legal tech, this is a great primer on all various sectors in this growing industry.

Legal AI: A beginner’s Guide

Richard Tromans

This report describes the current shape of legal AI and suggests some uses of AI, as well as some that may emerge. It should be seen as an initial starting place for those interested to learn more.

AI Now The growing adoption of Legal AI

Richard Tromans

An increasing number of law firms, both large and small, are putting AI systems to use. What is perhaps most critical now is understanding more about the reality of lawyers working hand-in-hand with AI to increase productivity, improve margins and generally become the innovative and efficient providers of legal advice their clients want them to be. This report is an overview of some of the experiences of those lawyers who have moved beyond theory and for whom AI is now a fact of life and of practice.

UCL’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies – Open Seminars

During this proving time, we recognise the difficulties and sense of isolation that many are experiencing. While many events and conferences have been cancelled worldwide, UCL CBT believes that now more than ever it is essential to stay focused and keep pushing the boundaries of knowledge with a sense of solidarity and altruism. In this spirit, we launched a massive series of Online Open Seminars. These will be free access seminars promoted by the UCL CBT to give voice to our Research and Industry community.

VC4A Startup Academy – Free Courses

With over a decade of experience supporting over 13,500 African startups to scale, VC4A has created free courses together with today’s top experts on doing business in Africa. These are learnings that cover setup, finance, legal and beyond that you can’t afford to not grasp. Unlock the skills you need to take your business from an idea to a thriving investment-ready startup, starting today.

This masterclass, presented by two leaders in their field, dives into customer experience for lawyers using design thinking, providing a fresh perspective.

Welcome to the African Master’s in Machine Intelligence (AMMI)

AMMI is a novel fully funded one-year intensive graduate program that provides brilliant young Africans with state-of-the-art training in machine learning and its applications. The AMMI program will prepare well rounded machine intelligence researchers who respond to both present and future needs of Africa and the world.

MEST Entrepreneurs-in-Training Program

MEST offers graduate-level entrepreneurial training in business, communications and software development, including extensive hands-on project work, culminating in a Final Pitch and the chance to receive seed funding.

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