As a member you can download and use the Membership Mark to demonstrate your professional membership of the ALT Network. Designed to prove your expertise to colleagues and clients, the new Membership Mark can be downloaded here and used on your website, LinkedIn profile, business cards, headed paper, CV and email signature signifying you’re membership of a network devoted to the interconnection between law and technology in Africa.

The Membership Mark is updated annually in January. You will need to download the latest version each year to display the correct date.



Individual Member

Business/Institution Member

Business/Institution (Plus) Member

Civil Society Organisation Member


Link the Membership Mark to when used in email signatures and website bios.


The Membership Mark is associated with out dedicated LinkedIn page so that you can connect your professional profile to the ALT Network on LinkedIn. By connecting with this page, in the Education section of your profile, you can display the ALT Membership Mark.

To add the Mark, navigate to the Education section of your profile and click the + icon. Type ‘…’ into the School field and select the top result. You will see the Membership Mark as the icon. You can then complete any relevant fields.


Please note: You are not permitted to use the Membership Mark to connect your profile with this page if you are not a Member of the ALT Network.

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